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Tina Kennedy

Type 1 Diabetes, Diagnosed 2001

Endocrinologist: Dr. Hani Alasaad

Certified Diabetes Educator: Melissa Finley, RD

Location: LMC Barrie


When Tina was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 21 she was unsure of what this meant for her future. In elementary school, she had a classmate whose type 1 diabetes was uncontrolled and she thought this would be the case for her as well. Shortly after coming to LMC, she quickly learned that controlling her diabetes and achieving a healthy life was possible. Tina shared with us that she continues to come to LMC because of the excellent care she receives, but also because of the people who make her visits enjoyable and fun. At each visit, she looks forward to meeting with her diabetes care team who act almost like her personal cheerleading squad with their constant encouragement and recognition of the hard work that goes into managing her diabetes.

“I have been coming to LMC for a while now and I have worked with a lot of different educators, nurses, dietitians, and doctors.  Some of them have even felt more like cheerleaders for me telling me ‘Great job!’”

Recently, Tina participated in one of our clinical research studies. The study involved having sensors implanted in each of her arms that would continuously read her blood glucose levels and transmit the data via bluetooth to a handheld device. Tina documented her journey through social media to take the fear out of research and encourage others to participate. “I wanted to show that participating in research is not a scary thing,” says Tina.  “It’s important that people participate in research because if we don’t, we’re never going to get ahead of where we’re at and we’re never going to be able to put new things in place. If we don’t give our time, or even just our blood, then we’ll never have an opportunity to move forward with this disease.”

Watch Tina’s full story and find out why she participates in research and encourages others to do the same.


Tina's Experience


Ken Lines

Principle Investigator: Dr. Vikas Pandith, MD (Rheumatologist)

Clinical Research Coordinator: Jessica Wilson, MSc

Location: Manna Research Burlington South


Ken Lines was a patient in an Osteoarthritis study at the Manna Burlington South office which looked at a new medication for patients with Osteoarthritis in the hip or knee. Ken has Osteoarthritis in his left knee and had sought many different treatments prior to being in this study; however, he expressed that nothing had really worked for him. We asked Ken about how participating in this study affected him and his overall experience in this research study.

“While on this medication, I felt a significant decrease in pain in my left knee. It helped me significantly in sports and exercising, specifically hockey and elliptical. I could play a full game and have no pain. Even knee bends were much easier, as well, I experienced much less pain when walking up and down stairs. While I was working with Global Medic, I was asked to do a hurricane relief mission overseas in St. Maarten, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the study treatment. Now that the study is over, there is a slight increase in pain as the medication probably wore off; however, it lasted for a long time. Overall, being in a clinical trial was a very positive and rewarding experience. The medication really impacted my daily life – I will definitely want this medication when it becomes available.”



Edith Goudreault

Type 1 Diabetes, Diagnosed 1991

Endocrinologist: Dr. Nahla Jilwan

Certified Diabetes Educator: Sarah Blunden

Location: LMC Montreal

At the young age of 11, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) brought Edith to the hospital and ultimately led to her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Afraid of needles and worried about adopting a new lifestyle, Edith was also concerned about being a burden to those around her. Becoming a patient at LMC helped Edith take control of her diabetes by rediscovering the importance of checking her blood sugars regularly; by receiving ‘complete care’ from her supportive team of doctors, nurses and dieticians; and by participating in a life-changing clinical study.

Before becoming a patient of LMC in 2015, Edith was first enrolled in our Lexicon 312 Study. Having struggled with her glycemic control, Edith was interested in introducing a new oral medication on top of her insulin therapy to help control and lower her glucose variability. After participating in the clinical study, Edith saw a drastic improvement in her blood glucose control. “The study introduced me to a new option for my diabetes – it made a difference,” Edith told us. Having done clinical studies with other organizations before, Edith also noticed a major difference in the care and professionalism at LMC. “I remember doing a clinical study on insulin at another hospital, but there wasn’t any close follow-ups. I just did visits with the doctor. I think studies at LMC are presented in a more professional way; it’s very reassuring for the patient,” said Edith. 

For Edith, LMC’s flexible appointment bookings make life easy when trying to manage a life with diabetes while having young children and a changing work schedule.  She also appreciates the warm and welcoming atmosphere. “At LMC, the ambience is very pleasant; it’s fun to see the team. You are never judged and everyone is very understanding.” When asked what advice she might share with prospective patients, Edith offered the following: “At LMC there are resources available; you don’t have to live through it alone. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to learn; remember that diabetes management is learned step by step.”

Edith's Experience