Patient Experience – Tina Kennedy

Patient Experience – Tina Kennedy

Tina Kennedy

Type 1 Diabetes, Diagnosed 2001

Endocrinologist: Dr. Hani Alasaad

Certified Diabetes Educator: Melissa Finley, RD

Location: LMC Barrie



When Tina was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 21 she was unsure of what this meant for her future. In elementary school, she had a classmate whose type 1 diabetes was uncontrolled and she thought this would be the case for her as well. Shortly after coming to LMC, she quickly learned that controlling her diabetes and achieving a healthy life was possible. Tina shared with us that she continues to come to LMC because of the excellent care she receives, but also because of the people who make her visits enjoyable and fun. At each visit, she looks forward to meeting with her diabetes care team who act almost like her personal cheerleading squad with their constant encouragement and recognition of the hard work that goes into managing her diabetes.

“I have been coming to LMC for a while now and I have worked with a lot of different educators, nurses, dietitians, and doctors.  Some of them have even felt more like cheerleaders for me telling me ‘Great job!’”

Recently, Tina participated in one of our clinical research studies. The study involved having sensors implanted in each of her arms that would continuously read her blood glucose levels and transmit the data via bluetooth to a handheld device. Tina documented her journey through social media to take the fear out of research and encourage others to participate. “I wanted to show that participating in research is not a scary thing,” says Tina.  “It’s important that people participate in research because if we don’t, we’re never going to get ahead of where we’re at and we’re never going to be able to put new things in place. If we don’t give our time, or even just our blood, then we’ll never have an opportunity to move forward with this disease.”

Watch Tina’s full story and find out why she participates in research and encourages others to do the same.