Menopause making you feel hot and bothered?

LMC Manna Research is looking for women who are experiencing hot flashes due to menopause to participate in a research study for an investigational medication that may help decrease recurrent  menopause related symptoms.

Up to 75% of women experience symptoms related to menopause including hot flashes, sleep disturbance, and mood changes, which can have a negative impact on ones daily activities and quality of life. This study may help researchers develop better treatments for women who are experiencing symptoms associated with the changes brought on by menopause.

If you are:
-Between the ages of 40-65
-Postmenopausal for at least 6+ months
-Experiencing  bothersome hot flashes

You may be eligible to participate!

Reimbursement for time and travel may be available.

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Phone: (416-740-2895)