In 2015, LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology (LMC) and Manna Research merged their research operations creating one of the largest networks of fully-owned and integrated outpatient clinical research sites in North America. Combined, they have over 40 years of experience conducting more than 1500 clinical research studies to thoroughly test new medications or medical devices for safety and efficacy.

LMC Diabetes & Manna Research Capabilities Include:
• > 40 years of experience in clinical research > 1400 clinical trials conducted
• 35 Endocrinologists and a nationally accredited Diabetes Education Program
• Canada’s only 12-bed clinical pharmacology unit focusing on diabetes & metabolic Phase I clinical studies
• Comprehensive patient database – >120,000 patients with addition of 22,000 new patients each year
• Access to a network of 80 GPs & 25 Specialists through Manna Research
• Consistent leaders in Canadian & Global recruitment
• Successful FDA and Health Canada audits
• Able to work with central Ethics Review Boards

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LMC Diabetes  is an industry leader, providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services in nine sites, across three Canadian provinces  Together with Manna Research who primarily focuses on primary care studies provides Sponsors, CRO’s & ARO’s access to one of the largest fully owned and operated clinical research site networks within Canada at thirteen sites across four provinces.
LMC Diabetes primary focus is diabetes, obesity, metabolic, and cardiovascular disease.  Manna Research is a combination of diseases but focuses 30% of their efforts in diabetes and metabolic disease. Principal Investigators at each site follow a uniform set of SOPs, conforming to ICH, GCP and Health Canada Division 5 guidelines.  Internal training, fellowship and certification are all provided.

63% Ontarians with diabetes who see an endocrinologist see an LMC endocrinologist.

Our Mission


We strive to enable wellness by providing exceptional care to our team, patients, peers, clients or communities and by providing excellent customer service.


We embrace learning by empowering our team, patients, peers, clients and  communities with our knowledge and skills.


We continue to expand the therapeutic horizon by developing innovative/creative tools and/or therapies, which work to improve the quality of life of our team, patients, peers, clients and communities.


Manna Research is a group of industry leading primary care clinical research centers that was founded in 1996. Manna’s sites are dedicated to clinical research and are located in Québec City, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Phase I – Phase IV clinical trials are conducted in compliance with Health Canada, FDA and ICH/GCP standards. Through Manna’s doctors’ affiliation to primary care clinics, there is access to over 350,000 patients . This allows Manna to work across a large number of therapeutics areas.
Manna also specializes in running vaccines studies in healthy populations, having run over 25 studies with up to 250 subjects randomized in a single study.



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